MaruHachi Group with its headquarters in Fukui, Japan, founded in 1936, is a family-owned developer and manufacturer of composite materials with approximately 80 employees, who was traditionally active in textiles. Some 10 years ago, MaruHachi decided to diversify into the fascinating sector of advanced materials, namely into the thermoplastic composites sector, in form of tapes, sheets and near-net shaped preforms. This business is being expanded into the European market since most of the innovations are coming from that region. The offering includes products based on unidirectional reinforcement glass, carbon and aramid fibers with matrices ranging from PE, PP, TPU, PA6, PA/L, PPS, PEI, PES, LCP to PEEK. MaruHachi is member of the AVK and business partner of the AZL. In 2014, MaruHachi has won the JEC Innovation Awards for their high-pressure vessels.