Raschig GmbH

Address: Mundenheimer Str. 100, 67061 Ludwigshafen, Germany

Phone: +49(621)5618673

Web: http://www.raschig.de

E-mail: vkf@raschig.de

Company description:

RASCHIG is a medium-sized company,
which was founded in 1891 by Dr. Friedrich
Raschig was founded in Germany.
Based on a long-standing tradition,
Experience and expertise in the areas of
Specialty chemicals, thermosetting molding compounds,
Material exchange technology and road construction materials
RASCHIG is known for providing customers with
customized quality products
supply. In the course of the company’s long history
the products of RASCHIG
continuously developed, so that the
thermosetting molding compounds internationally
are a first choice when it comes to first-class

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