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FiberEUse Project

The project has been successfully completed

Large scale demonstration of new circular economy value-chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites

Glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites (GFRP and CFRP) are increasingly used as structural materials in many manufacturing sectors like transport, constructions and energy due to their better lightweight and corrosion resistance compared to metals. Composite recycling is a challenging task. Although mechanical grinding and pyrolysis reached a quite high TRL, landfilling of EoL composites is still widespread since no significant added value in the reuse and remanufacturing of composites is demonstrated.

FiberEUse (GA No. H2020-730323-1) aims at integrating different innovation actions through a holistic approach to enhance profitability of composite recycling and reuse in value-added products. Through new cloud-based ICT solutions for value-chain integration, scouting of new markets, analysis of legislation barriers, life cycle assessment for different reverse logistic options, FiberEUse will support industry in the transition to a circular economy model for composites. FiberEUse is a €9.8 million research project funded by the European Union since June 2017 and collaborating with 20 partners from 7 EU countries.


Since January 2021, AVK has been a partner in a European project funded by the EU. The central topic is the future use of composites in the field of renewable energies.

FIBGREGY stands for: Development, engineering, production and life cycle management of improved FIBRE-based material solutions for the structure and functional components of large offshore wind enerGY and tidal power platforms

The overall objective of the FIBREGY project is to enable the extensive use of FRP materials in the structure of the next generation of large Offshore Wind and Tidal Stream (OWTS) platforms by overcoming the above mentioned challenges. In order to achieve this objective, the project will develop, qualify and audit innovative FRP materials for offshore applications, elaborate new design procedures and guidelines, generate efficient production, inspection and monitoring methodologies, and validate and demonstrate advanced software analysis tools. Clear performance indicators will be designed and applied in the evaluation of two existing OWTS concepts to be re-engineered in FRP within the project. Finally, the different technologies generated in FIBREGY will be demonstrated by using advanced simulation techniques and building a real-scale prototype to validate the materials, tools, solutions, procedures and guidelines to be developed in FIBREGY.


RECREATE – Recycling technologies for recyclable fiber-reinforced plastics

The main objective of the EU RECREATE project is to develop innovative technologies to promote the profitable reuse of end-of-life composite components for industrial applications. The project is divided into various technological use cases and addresses a number of different target sectors such as wind energy and the automotive industry.

Online seminars on the topic of “Fiber-reinforced plastics”

In cooperation with Fraunhofer IFAM and GENERAL ADHESIVOS, AVK will be offering online seminars on fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) from 2021, using the synergies between the cooperation partners to ensure the best possible quality of the seminars in terms of content, technology and didactics.

Read more about the seminars in spring 2021 (PDF information flyer)

Vacancies and job applications specifically for the plastics industry

The AVK (or the GKV) cooperates with the media partners Plasticker and Kunststoff Information for current job vacancies and job applications. AVK members receive the special conditions offered to the GKV sponsoring associations (30%). Click here to go to the job markets and to order advertisements!

Our network

AVK is integrated into a strong (partner?) network within Germany and Europe. This enables us to ensure that our concerns are not “only” recognized in the German composites industry, but also far beyond.

Composites Germany

AVK is one of the founding members of Composites Germany. AVK currently provides the Chairman of the Management Board and the Spokesman of the Management Board. Other members of the umbrella organization of the German composites industry are

  • Composites United e. V.(CU) and
  • (as an associated partner) the VDMA Hybrid Lightweight Technologies Working Group(VDMA).

The purpose of the umbrella organization is to strengthen the German composites industry and research, define common positions and safeguard overarching interests.

Composites – International networking

AVK is a member of EuCIA, the European umbrella organization of the composites industry. As with Composites Germany, AVK is also represented on the board there.

Networking with the plastics industry

The AVK is one of the four supporting associations of the GKV (Gesamtverband der Kunststoffverarbeitenden Industrie) and is represented there both in the management and on the board. The GKV is the umbrella organization of the plastics processing associations in Germany, an association of associations. Its members represent the various plastics processing sectors. The AVK is one of the sponsoring associations of the GKV. Other associations are:

  • FSK – Fachverband Schaumkunststoffe und Polyurethane e. V.
  • IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e. V.
  • pro-K – Industrieverband Halbzeuge und Konsumprodukte aus Kunststoff e. V.

The AVK is part of the WVK (Wirtschaftsvereinigung Kunststoffe) through its GKV membership.