Röchling Automotive AG & Co KG

Address: Floßhafenstr. 40, 67547 Worms, Germany

Phone: +49(6241)844249

Web: https://www.roechling.com/de/automotive

E-mail: info@roechling-automotive.de

Contact person: Dr. Egon Moos

Company description:

The special thing about our components is that they are all made of plastic. Thanks to their low weight and flexible processing options, they are essential building blocks for mobility.

Our colleagues pool their expertise in four product areas: Battery Solutions, Structural Lightweight, Aerodynamics and Propulsion.

With the newly established Material Application Center, our partners have access to the latest research and individual solutions for materials and material processing at all times.

Our vision is “We Drive Sustainable Mobility”. To achieve this sustainability, we are focusing even more than before on sustainable bioplastics, recyclates and battery solutions.

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