SILTEX Flecht- und Isoliertechnologie Holzmüller GmbH & Co KG

Address: Palmstraße 27, 84387 Julbach, Germany

Phone: +49 8571 92297-0



Company description:

With its qualified and highly motivated employees and around 300 machines, SILTEX is an important global player when it comes to braided structures for a wide range of applications. As an initiator and innovator of new technologies, materials and areas of application, SILTEX has stood for quality 100% “Made in Germany” with its products and flexibility in production since 1956. The experience that SILTEX was able to gather as one of the first companies in Germany in the field of plastic reinforcement still gives it a decisive advantage over other braiding companies today – for example, SILTEX is able to realize customer-specific projects in dimensions of up to 1000 mm.

In order to optimize the workflow and the production process, and thus the performance of its customers, the production facilities have been expanded by 35% in recent months, a new storage system has been established and several new machines have been added to the inventory. SILTEX was able to significantly reduce the throughput time for shipping. New ERP software now helps to optimally support the work processes and map them in a practical way.

SILTEX has also recorded a number of successes in the areas of development and research in recent months. The area of close protection should be emphasized here in particular. One customer-related industrial project was the production of a linear hollow body using a new type of printing system. In addition, numerous projects and developments in the mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and sports equipment sectors have been successfully designed and implemented using natural fibres (cotton, flax, basalt).

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