Wilhelm G. Clasen GmbH & Co KG

Address: Burchardstrasse 17, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: 49 (0) 40 3232950

Web: http: //www.wgc.de

E-mail: info@wgc.de

Contact person: Thomas Bressler

Company description:

Throughout our long history, new approaches have had to be found to successfully adapt to changes in international trade and the associated challenges. Long-term business relationships have proven their worth for us time and time again, and we never tire of finding and building new ones and maintaining them with the same vigor and reliability.

In our opinion, a local presence at the source is essential for an internationally active company. Our subsidiary in Dhaka and a permanent representative office in Calcutta, as well as in other sourcing countries, ensure a regular exchange of information and experience.

On the customer side, we are now represented in all major markets and can also be contacted at any time via our local partners. As the individual markets are subject to different demand cycles, we are able to harmonize the interests of our customers with those of our long-standing suppliers.

Not least thanks to the even distribution of demand, which leads to corresponding continuity, we enjoy a high level of trust and responsiveness from our suppliers.

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