AVK Composites Report 09

Composites components are used in large quantities, particularly in the transportation and
in the construction sector and in the electronics and electrical industry. But
fiber-reinforced materials are also suitable for leisure, sports and hobby applications.
rials are often the material of choice. The overall economic situation in
Germany remains difficult and also in the composites industry
the mood is correspondingly subdued overall. For all companies
The aim is to work on new applications and new technologies along the entire value chain.
products for fiber-reinforced plastics. There are also
innovative end applications are the focus of manufacturers.
In our current edition of the report, AVK member ins-
solutions for this area. Sustainable solutions from
Natural fibers, recyclates and bio-based materials for snowboards, for example
or musical instruments are just as much a part of this as components for passenger
aircraft and urban air mobility. In addition, the DIN SPEC
35255 “Quality Requirements for Composite Processes”, which is the
“State of the art” for fiber composite technology redefined.

Here you can find the latest Composites Report.

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