Dieffenbacher GmbH

Mechanical and plant engineering

Address: Heilbronner Strasse, 75031 Eppingen, Germany

Phone: +49(7262)65 277

Web: http://www.dieffenbacher.de

Company description:

Presses, systems and process engineering for plastic forming

The high precision and quality requirements of the automotive industry determine the development work in the Dieffenbacher plastic press division.
Dieffenbacher offers a fully automated turnkey production line including Preform.Center for high-volume production using the high-pressure RTM process.
The LFT-D process technology developed by Dieffenbacher enables the individual product-oriented composition of long-fiber-reinforced plastics for the manufacture of semi-structural automotive parts in lightweight construction.
With the SMC-D process, Dieffenbacher supplies a highly economical process and the production technology, e.g. for car body components and semi-structural parts.

These processes are particularly economical as they avoid the need for complex and cost-intensive production of semi-finished products.

Dieffenbacher is a one-stop shop for plastics processing of CFRP, SMC or SMC-D, GMT and LFT-D, the processes and the complete system with the press, automation, part post-processing, die change and extruder.

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