Emil Frei GmbH & Co KG


Address: Am Bahnhof 6, 78199 Bräunlingen, Germany

Phone: +49(7707)151-0

Web: http://www.freilacke.de

E-mail: info@freilacke.de

Contact person: Pius Bühler

Company description:

FreiLacke has stood for innovative paints and varnishes since 1926. The family-run company is now in its third generation and, with over 600 employees worldwide, develops customized solutions for customers in the fields of wheels, vehicle construction, mechanical and apparatus engineering, contract coating, functional furniture, storage technology, construction and sanitary facilities.

As a modern family business, securing the headquarters is just as important as global sales and proximity to customers through subsidiaries and partners abroad. The product range of Europe’s leading system coating supplier covers the entire spectrum from industrial coatings, powder coatings, liquid coatings and electrocoatings to composite solutions. International sales are handled by a global network of subsidiaries and partners abroad.

Environmental protection has always been a central concern for FreiLacke. The company is therefore doing everything it can to develop environmentally friendly products, reduce emissions, packaging materials and waste and use resources sparingly.

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