Electrical safety equipment and operating resources

Address: Trompeterallee 210-222, 41189 Mönchengladbach – Wickrath, Germany

Phone: +49(2166)956710

Web: http://www.elsic.de

E-mail: info@elsic.de

Contact: Dr. Friedrich Driescher

Company description:

ELSIC was founded in 1966 and began manufacturing and selling products to ensure operating safety and accident prevention in electrical installations. As early as 1968, a second manufacturing branch began with the production of corrosion-resistant door and gate systems as well as housings for technical systems. Today, ELSIC is a high-performance solution provider for the energy industry, utilities and civil engineering.

As a recognized specialist company, ELSIC attaches the utmost importance to product quality. This required quality is guaranteed by taking special care in the selection of materials, suppliers, production and accompanying tests. A team of highly qualified employees feels responsible for this, with the awareness that ELSIC products are vital for the safety of people. We will always remain true to our roots: safety.

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