NETZSCH Process Intelligence GmbH sensXPERT

Address: Gebrüder-Netzsch-Straße 19, 95100 Selb, Germany

Phone: +49 9287 75 0



Contact person: Alexander Chaloupka

Company description:

sensXPERT was founded in 2021 as a technology brand of NETZSCH Process Intelligence GmbH, a company of the NETZSCH Group. sensXPERT provides data-driven manufacturing solutions that help customers in the plastics processing industry to increase their productivity in real time.
The company combines advanced measurement hardware and material science with the artificial intelligence of machine learning software. This characterizes the material behaviour synchronously with the machine and tool in order to increase process efficiency, reliable repeatability and consistent product quality by identifying, assessing and controlling all critical influencing factors. The intelligent technology supports all important thermoset and thermoplastic processing techniques.
sensXPERT, based in Selb, Germany, builds on over 50 years of materials expertise and experience in sensor technology and is supported by a group-wide talent pool of more than 4,000 employees.

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